AVP Pro Tour [11279] - Event Details

September 5, 2021
Beach Volleyball Event
September 5, 2021
1000 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL


2021 AVP Chicago Open

Divisions: Men's Pro; Women's Pro;

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Additional Information:

2021 AVP Chicago Open

September 1-5


***** Please note that your registration for this event is not be complete until you have PAID IN FULL.

If you register without payment, your team will be removed from the entry list. *****

For the most detailed competition information and important dates to note, please visit the “COMPETITION” tab in the Pro Athlete’s Corner of AVP.com.



Important Dates

·       Wednesday, August 4 - Wild Card Application Deadline

·       Wednesday, August 25 - Registration Deadline = 9:00pm ET

·       Thursday, August 26 - Point Verification sent to Registrants

·       Friday, August 27 - Entry Positions (Teams placed in either Main Draw, Qualifier or Reserve Lists)

·       Tuesday, August 31 - Qualification Brackets released with final seeding, match times and Qualification Phase 1 team referee assignments


Address for Main Draw:

Oak Street Beach, 1000 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611


Address for Qualifiers:

North Avenue Beach, 1601 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL


Note: The Qualification Tournament will be capped at 77 teams per gender and will be played on Wednesday September 1 & Thursday September 2 as explained in more detail below. Should your team's point total fall below the cutoff after the registration deadline, your team will be placed on the Reserve List. If you believe you may be in this position, please wait for confirmation to book any/all accommodations. AVP will not be liable for any expenses incurred. For further questions, please contact AVPPlayers@avp.com.


Draw Per Gender

  • 16-team Main Draw
  • 10 Automatic Entries
  • 1 Wild Cards - AVPNext
    • Additional Auto Entries will be allocated if no Wild Cards are granted 
  • 1 Wild Cards - AVP
    • Additional Auto Entries will be allocated if no Wild Cards are granted 
  • 4 Teams Advance from the Open Qualification Tournament
  • 2-day Qualification Tournament will be capped at 77 teams per gender
    • Four Qualification Wild Cards may be used, as outlined below

Qualification Tournament

· Single Elimination Tournament; 2 Phases;

· Phase 1; Date To Be Confirmed; 10 Courts; (53) teams per gender; Advances (8) teams per gender to Phase 2; off teams to referee matches, two AVP officials to monitor all courts

· Phase 2; Date To Be Confirmed; 6 Courts, (32) teams per gender; Advances (4) teams per gender to Main Draw; all matches refereed by AVP officials

· Entry will be the following:

o Top (23) based on AVP Ranking Points automatically placed in Phase 2 on Thursday

o (1) Qualifier Wild Cards for Phase 2 based on Chicago Sport & Social Volleywood Event

o Teams 25-77 will start in Phase 1 on Wednesday

o (2) Qualifier Wild Cards for Phase 1 based on AVP discretion

o Seeding for Phase 2 will be based on teams original overall Qualifier seed

§ Any Wild Cards given will not be seeded higher than 5th position in either Phase

Main Draw Tournament

· Double Elimination Tournament

· Friday September 3 -- Winner's Rounds One & Two

· Saturday September 4 -- Remaining Elimination Rounds through 5th place

· Sunday September 5 -- 5th place, Semi-Final and Final Matches


All other event details can be found in the Athlete's Corner on AVP.com.


Reminder - the seeding policy for AVP events: 

AVP Rankings are calculated by an athlete’s BEST four results amongst all AVP platforms (AVP America, AVP Grass, AVPNext, AVP Pro Tour) within the eligible window. These rankings will be used for entry and seeding.

· The eligible window is typically defined as an athlete’s five (5) most recent "AVP Pro Tour" events within 365 days of entry/seeding date guidelines. 

o For athletes that do not play in 5 "AVP Pro Tour" events within 365 days, it is simply their best 4 results within 365 days. 

· Due to the pandemic, that window has been expanded each month. For the Chicago Open, the window will be defined as an athlete’s five (5) most recent "AVP Pro Tour" events within 880 days (dating back to May of 2019) of entry/seeding date guidelines.

o For athletes that do not play in 5 "AVP Pro Tour" events within 880 days, it is simply their best 4 results within 880 days.


To search you name, check your point total and view new points scale please go HERE. Your overall seed will be under the "AVP Points" heading.

To check all the rankings, please go HERE.

Any further membership questions can be directed to contact@avp.com.

Any further points questions can be directed to points@avp.com.



Terms and Conditions


I understand that, upon registration, I am not automatically entered into the event. AVP events sometimes have limited spaces available; spaces are given based on the point system regulations, not a first come, first serve basis. I understand that any expenses incurred by failing to secure a space, will not be covered by AVP.


I agree that, upon registration, I am in good standing with the AVP organization; I am a current "AVP Member" and have signed the participation waiver associated with the annual membership.


AVP Tour regulations and resources are available at www.AVP.com in the “Athlete’s Corner” bottom navigation section. I have read the registration regulations, including entry deadlines/withdrawal procedures and any subsequent fees associated.


By registering for this event, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms.


AVP Pro Tour

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