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Saturday, January 4, 2020
Colorado Winter Beach Series
    Beach Volleyball Event Results
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KOB Women's A
KOB Women's A
1stSophie Kubiak375.50 pts
2ndTree Mangan356.50
3rdKaitlin Thompson339.00
3rdErin Pertuit339.00
5thKelli Bills306.00
7thMorgan Anderson290.50
7thStephanie Rothman 290.50
9thMeghan Brown276.00
9thAmy Richards276.00
11thLaurie Alarcon262.00
11thJackie Wegner262.00
13thJean Cannu249.00
13thErin Capito249.00
15thCourtney De Paulo236.50
15thDanelle Cook236.50
17thDawn Oneil225.00
17thKate Sparks225.00
19thRiley Warner213.50
19thDarlene Sue213.50
21stAli Wagstaff203.00
21stSheree Brock203.00
23rdCaitlin Weaver193.00
23rdSamiie Vang193.00

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