AVP Rankings


For juniors and amateur events, all teams are seeded in accordance with the following policy:

An athlete's best four (4) results (domestic or international) amongst all AVP and USAV platforms within the eligible window.

The eligible window is defined as within the last 365 days for non-Pro players.

All AVP America events will also be scaled on a points system:

  • 33+ Teams - 125% of points earned
  • 16-32 Teams - 100% of points earned
  • 6-15 Teams - 75% of points earned
  • 2-5 Teams - 50% of points earned

For Pro players, AVP Ranking will be based on the best four (4) results (domestic or international) within the eligible window. That window will be defined as the six (6) most recent consecutive PRO SERIES and GOLD SERIES events offered.