Volleyball of the Rockies [6254] - Event Details

September 21, 2019
Beach Volleyball Event
September 21, 2019
2233 S Geneva St, Denver, CO


End of Summer QOB/KOB
Sand Open/A/BB Doubles

Divisions: KOB Men's Open; KOB Men's AA; KOB Men's A; KOB Men's B; KOB Women's Open; KOB Women's AA; KOB Women's A; KOB Women's B;

The Island is a full bar and restaurant with 6 indoor sand courts and 12 outdoor.
Online Registration is not available for this event.

Additional Information:
    • End of Summer/Hello Fall
    QOB & KOB


    Please email Terry@votr.com if interested in registering

    Location: The Island Beach Volleyball Facility's 6 outdoor courts (Open division), & a blend of the other 3-5 outdoor & 6 indoor courts (A & BB Division).


    We will cap each division, “Open” 24 players, “A & BB” between 36-44 Players per gender. You will play 3 rounds of doubles for 9 games. Women will be in the morning, 8:30am “Open,” 8:45am “A” & 9am “BB”. Round #2 will immediately follow round #1. Men will start at 11:30 for “Open,” 11:45 “A” & 12pm for “BB.” After the 1st round of men, the ladies will play their final round. After the ladies finals for each division the men will resume with rounds #2 and #3. Schedule subject to change.

      Open:$50 per player
      A & BB: $40 per player (BB Players Use the "B" registration link)
      You will receive a PayPal Invoice from Terry@votr.com the week of September 16th, payment will be due by September 18th. Any unpaid invoices after September 18th we will delete your registration and replace you with a wait-list team.

      Registration Confirmation:
      Once you register here you'll be directed to a confirmation page letting you know we received your entry. You will be confirmed registered once your payment goes through via a PayPal Invoice sent from Terry@votr.com (VOTR) and there is space available in your division.

      Seeding/Entry Into Tournament:
      Open Division will be filled with 20 best players using the Colorado Winter Beach Series “Power Rank.” The remaining 4 spots will be reserved for Wild Card Entries. Deadline for using your power rank will be September 18th, 9am.

      A & BB will be filled on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

      Prize Breakdown Per Gender (Based off tournaments being FULL, this will be lowered if tournament is not full):
      Open Division:

      1st: $300

      2nd: $200

      3rd: $100

      9th: (Winner of Middle Division): $50

      17th: (Winner of Lower Division): Molten Volleyball


      A Division

      1st: $150
      2nd: $100
      3rd: Molten Volleyball
      9th: (Winner of Middle Division): Molten Volleyball


      BB Division:

      1st: $75
      2nd: $50
      3rd: Molten Volleyball
      9th (Winner of Middle Division): Molten Volleyball
      17 (Winner of Lower Division): Molten Volleyball



      All VOTR athletes that play in AVP sanctioned events must be a current AVP Member and a current membership # is required to register. The AVP program is membership-based and offers a variety of benefits to players.  By signing up for an AVP membership, players are eligible to compete in any AVP certified events nationwide.  Membership is valid for 1 year.


      Manager/Captain/Players/Drop-In Indemnification Agreement: Manager/Captain/Players/Drop-In shall indemnify and hold harmless Volleyball Of The Rockies d.b.a. The Island (hereafter referred to as VOTR)from and against all claims, liabilities, causes of action or other legal proceedings stemming from claims of negligence against VOTR or any other claim in tort or contract, by any Manager or third party whom Manager allows to participate in VOTR activities, for damage to property, injury or death of any person or persons in any way arising out of, connected to, or resulting from Manager allowing that third party or team member to participate in VOTR activities, including playing indoor or outdoor volleyball, in a confined space which might include running into equipment, beach furniture, or other players,as well as, being hit by volleyballs or slipping on a wet surface, without first signing a VOTR Waiver and Release form (such form shall be made immediately available upon request from VOTR Manager). Indemnification shall include the obligation to defend any and all actions, claims, or other legal proceedings and to reimburse VOTR for all expenses, including costs and attorney's fees incurred in connection therewith, regardless of whether such claims arose out of negligence of VOTR, its directors, agents, employees,servants, or assigns.  Outside food/beverage is not allowed at the Island/Oasis facilities. Any person introducing alcohol into our facilities will be suspended from all VOTR programming.  I grant Volleyball of the Rockies (VOTR) and its subsidiaries, the right to take photographs/video of me in connection with the above-identified event.  I authorize VOTR, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.  I agree that VOTR may use such photographs/video of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

      If under 18, my parent or legal guardian has read the waiver and release and agrees to it voluntarily.


    Volleyball of the Rockies

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